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Madden Misfits Leagues of Champions

Por Flowsinator
Online, Madden 20 Xbox
Welcome to the most competitive league series in Madden, MADDEN MISFITS. These leagues are paid. ALL MONIES go right back to users (see Prize breakdown).

Money is due during registration. Registration form is matched against payment before accepting the user into the league. League Payments can be done at

There are not reserve teams, and you can choose any team you like, there can be multiple of the same teams at once.

The schedule is followed closely.
Fuso horário
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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Before accepting applications we have to confirm league buy-in payment at
$10 buy-in ($320 pot) Done at registration.

League Stage Prizes
$15/division champ ($60 or 19%)

Playoffs Prizes
$140 Super bowl winner ($140 or 44%)
$50 Runner up ($50 or 16%)
$40 3rd Place ($40 or 13%)
$30 4th Place ($30 or 9%)