BadAsAFish80's MM 2v2 #17

BadAsAFish80's Minion Masters Tournament 2v2 #17 - $100 Prize Pool - April

Organizator: BadAsAFish80
You will be placed into a group Discord DM with your opponents and will have 3 days to schedule and complete the match. You MUST post your availability in this group DM within the first 36 hours, i.e. by 12:00 EST on day 2.
If one team fails to post their availability before the time cut off whilst the other team does then the team that posted in time has the option to win the match via a forfeit or agree to play the match. If they agree to play the match then the potential forfeit is nullified.
If both teams fail to post availability before the time cut off, and the match is not played by the conclusion of Day 3, the outcome of the match is decided randomly.
If both teams post availability on time, but fail to play the match by the conclusion of Day 3, the outcome is decided randomly.
For reference Day 3 concludes at 23:59PM EST.

This is as a 2v2, Double Elimination, Best of 3 (WB Final, LB Final and Grand Final and are Best of 5) tournament using standard Ladder Match rules.

Jargon Buster: This is a TOURNAMENT that comprises of multiple TOURNAMENT ROUNDS. For each round you play a MATCH which is best of 3 (5) GAMES.

Just like in normal ranked mode, you may queue with any Legal Deck (master/cards) you choose in the best of 3 (5) match, so your opponents have no idea what you're playing! You can change your masters at any time during the match.

However, for the deck to be a Legal Deck, it must follow these limitations (Playing an illegal deck means that you will forfeit that game but if appropriate you can continue the match):
⚠️NO WILDCARDS: This means no more than 1 copy of any card in your deck.
⚠️BANNED CARDS: Guardian, Ritual of Servitude, Ion Grenade, Spirit Mancer.
⚠️MASTER BAN: Each team can chose a master to ban for each best of 3 (5) in the tournament, thereby preventing their opponents from playing this master.
The last pre-final LB match is considered a final for the purpose of these rules
The same master combo can not be played again after winning with it for the duration of the match.

Note: Season cards, new masters, and balance changes are able to overrule the current ban list.

If you start a game with an illegal deck/master, you have the first 30 seconds of the game to leave and correct the error. A repeat offence will result in forfeiting that game but if appropriate you can continue the match.

Since this is a global tournament there is the potential that you will be matched with opponents from a different time zone. For all matches you are expected to try to find a time to play the match that is convenient to all participants. If the match is failed to be played then the outcome of the match will be decided randomly.

Admin's decision is final.

If a team wins two 2v2 tournaments that they enter in a row they will be ineligible for the next 2v2 tournament starting after their second win - because this is a casual tournament we wanted to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning and to ensure that all the 2v2 tournaments are not dominated by the same team. Please note this ineligibility refers to the team and not the individual players, therefore the players can still compete with alternative partners.