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Organizator: GamingScotland
CS:GO Tournament Rules
CS:GO matches will be played to the standard settings of MR15 single elimination. If both teams draw by the end of the MR15 it will result in an Overtime of best of four and then a sudden death best of two if winner is still not determined, in the overtime and sudden death both teams will start with $16k as standard.

All participants of each team are required to join a server and will have 10 minutes to join the server and ready up after announcement has been made and the announcement for both teams will be done 3 times. Once all players have joined and are ready to start the match the admin will signal in chat “LO3” which means the match will be live in 3 restarts. If a full team fails to turn up on the server within the 10 minute time limit then that will cause your team to forfeit the match and the opposing team to win and travel through to the next round. The only circumstances acceptable for non turn up is if there has been arrangements dealt with and discussed with an admin.

At the end of every half there will be a 2 minute pause so teams can talk tactics for the second half or a quick break for the toilet, top up on beverage whatever. The admin will ask if both teams are ready at the end of the 2 minutes and if so LO3 will be signaled and game-play will continue.

For the finals it will be the same MR15 setup but will be a BO3 or BO5 to determine the winner of the tournament.

How to Join
There will be multiple match servers set up for the tournament and the IP for each server will be posted on Discord. To join that server you copy and paste the connect string from the intranet into your in-game console. Make sure you join the correct server you are called to.

Rules/timings are subject to change, although they should not - we will let you know in advanced.