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InfernaWAN Pro Battle League Halo 5 2v2 Tournament

Organizator: Pro Battle League
The Halo 5 2v2 Tournament organized by the PBL is part of the InfernaWAN event happening from May 15th to 17th. InfernaWAN is a charity event raising money for COVID19 relief efforts. For more info on InfernaWAN and to pay the registration fee for the Halo 5 2v2, go to

We will be broadcasting the Winners Bracket Semi Finals, Winners Bracket Finals, Loser Bracket Finals and Grand Finals on Sunday, May 17th. The rest of the matches will be played on Friday May 15th starting at 12pm Pacific Time.

Communication during the event will happen in the InfernaWAN #Halo chat room.
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America/Los Angeles (UTC-07:00)
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The winning team will get two $50 Microsoft gift cards.
Each player must be registered for InfernaWAN. Either a Weekend Pass or a Halo 5 entry is required.

CHECK IN by 11am Pacific Time on Friday May 15th. You must begin your first round match by 12pm Pacific Time.

DISCORD: We will be organizing matches on the InfernaLAN #Halo-5 chat room.

FORFEIT: Please have your team ready to go by 12pm PT on Friday May 15th. If your team is not ready to play by 12:05pm, you will forfeit the first map. If you are not ready by 12:15pm, you will forfeit the match.

FORMAT: All matches will be Team Slayer. All matches except for the Grand Final will be Best of 3. The Grand Final will be Best of 5.

MATCH REPORTING: Report your score in the #Halo-5 chat in the InfernaLAN discord. Use the following format: Score - Registered Team Name of Winner - Against: Name of Losing Team. Please report results as soon as possible.

MATCH RESULT DISPUTE: In case of a dispute, you will need to upload a screen capture to the discord chat showing the results of your match. Please be prepared to do so after each match. possible.

CAPTAINS: You need to designate a team captain that will interact with the organizers in our discord. Please join the discord before Friday at 11pm. The earlier you join, the better.