OWI Track Attack #1

Offworld Industries Track Attack #1

Organizator: Offworld Industries
1. Match format

1.1 Each match will be played in turn. All matches will be streamed by Nordic + Guests.

1.2 A match will look the following:

1.2.1 Teams are unable to choose map or side, they will be randomly distributed to participants just before the match.
1.2.2 A random location on the map will be picked, and one tank each will be spawned to participants.

1.3 A match ends when either one tank has been destroyed, or at the end of 15 minutes play time. In case time ends, the most damaged tank will lose.

1.3.1 In case no damage has been done, the casters will decide the winner between who was more aggressive, so passive play is not rewarded! If unable to decide a clear winner, a coin flip will be used!

2. Match rules:

2.1 Crew members are allowed to leave the vehicle, however they are not allowed to use their small arms or knives. They are allowed to repair their vehicles. Crew members are allowed to use smoke grenades in any way.

2.2 Crew members are allowed to move all over the map but enemy tanks are allowed to kill the opponent crew members with any weapon on the tank.

3. Organization

3.1 Offworld will provide all servers.

3.2 All participants must have at least one person from the team in the Offworld Tournament discord. Invite will be sent upon accepted attendance.

3.3 Teams are allowed to switch players between matches as long as they are from the same organisation / clan / team.

3.4 Rules and format may change at any time at the discretion of the tournament manager.