Kio's Academy Mix 2022

Kio's Academy Mix Tournament 2022

Par Kio's Academy Discord Community
The tournament is organized by Kio's Academy: a community for players to meet and play with a main focus on coaching each other and helping each other get better at the game!

This tournament is divided in 2 phase: group stage will see 5 teams play against each other in a Round Robin Bo2 matches where the 4 highest scores will move on to the next phase and the last one will drop out the tournament.

The second phase is a Double Elimination bracket Bo3 where the top 2 teams in Group Stage will move on to the Upper bracket and the 3rd and 4th position will play in the lower bracket.

The tournament is stretched out in 4 weekends, group stage 2 weekends, playoffs 2 weekends!
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Europe/Luxembourg (UTC+02:00)
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75€ - 1st place
25€ - 2nd place

in Steam credit gift cards.