Playstation 4

Winners: GotCaughtLackin, rNullify, rZullify

Par LokiWithIt
Online, New York
Check in on this website from 1pm to 4pm
Tournament starts at 5 PM EST sharp
5 minutes to start a game or your team is disqualified
Please check PSN ID of the other team it must match exactly or the player isn’t allowed to play if a game is started then that means you agreed to let them play.

Game settings:
Round count: 9
Friendly Fire: Full
Max Revives: 0
Use Roles: ON
Aim Assist: ON or OFF (real goats play with that shit off)

Best out of 3 maps round count is 9 that means first to 5 wins.

Lower seed hosts first Higher seed picks map.
Higher seed hosts second Lower seed picks map.
Winner of the first map hosts third map the loser picks the map.

Map pool:
Intercept (Extract)
No RPGs you lose the map if it is fired

Report your scores on discord #vvs6899 or psn @LokiWithIt