Pol'E-Sports Rocket League
Playstation 4
Xbox One

Pol'E-Sports Rocket League

Advanced Rocket League of the Pol’E-Sports tournament organized by PESE.

Speed, acrobatics, dribbling... The crazy son of Mario Kart and Fifa is coming!

Rocket League is a sports game, mixing cars and soccer, for colorful and intense matches and maximum fun.

It's a game that sees 2 teams of 3 players facing each other, with the objective of winning the match by scoring more goals than the opponent in a given time. In short, like a soccer game, but with cars, like bumper cars.

To score, all means are good. On the ground, in the air, by crashing an opponent's car to get a numerical superiority, by playing the beautiful game or by scoring goals at the last minute, RL (as the intimates would say) will make you think about a strategy to win the match, will give you strong and intense sensations and where team spirit, audacity and determination are the key words

For Pol'E-Sports, Rocket League takes you on a tournament that starts with a pool phase with dry run matches before reaching the final phase, with direct elimination, played in the best of 3 rounds, to finally arrive at the final where the suspense will be present with a match for which the winners will have to win 3 rounds, in other words it may be necessary to play over 5 rounds before seeing winners. e.s. Between goals at 10 meters from the ground or saves at more than 100km/h one thing is sure, hold on to your belts, it will take off.
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