DOTA2 1v1 Competition 2016

TAR UC (Sabah Faculty Branch) DOTA2 1v1 Competition 2016

Par DCSM, TAR UC (Sabah Faculty Branch)
Lot 1-1, TAR UC, Sabah Faculty Branch
Venue: Lot 1-1 TARUC Sabah Branch, Donggongon
Date: 22 October 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 8.30 AM - 5:00 PM

Tournament Format: Playoff Single Elimination(BO1)
**(Semi Final & Final will be in BO3)

Register Fees: RM 10 Only
**Participants must pay the fees to be considered as registered participants. Please register and pay before 14th October 2016.

Rules & Regulations
1) Participants must pay RM10 fees to be considered as registered participants. Please register and pay before 14th October 2016.
2) Participants must arrive at 8.30 am during competition day to check-in.
3) All the participants should respect each other by not yelling your opponent with vulgar nor rough words. This might caused you to get disqualified from the competition.
4) Organizers/committee has the authority to make final decision and to disqualify any participants who does not comply to the rules and regulation.
5) Any participants that failed to show up within 5 minutes during match time, defwin (default win) will be granted for their opponent.
6) Participants that use any third party software to cheat during the game will get disqualified as well.
7) Participants are allowed to bring their own gears (Keyboard, Mouse, Earphone etc …) to the competition.
***Headset/ Earphone are not provided by the organizers.
8) If there is unexpected events occur such as blackout or internet connection went down. This event will be rescheduled.

Game settings
1) The game mode will be “1v1 Solo Mid” (Same Hero). The first person who kills their opponent for two times or break their opponent’s first tower will be considered as the winner of the match.
2) Since this is a 1 versus 1 competition, the rules listed below should be abided during in-game:
• Bottle Crows is not allowed (Transferring bottle from lane to fountain repeatedly).
• Capturing runes are allowed.
• Creep blocking are allowed.
3) Competition format will be Playoffs Single Elimination, Best of One for all the matches. Best of Three for Semi Final and Final matches.
4) Heroes picking will be decided by coin tossing method. Heroes picking for Best of One (BO1) and Best of Three (BO3) will be different.

Best of One
• Both participants will begin with the coin toss. The one who wins will get a chance to select which heroes that they will be using.

Best of Three
• Both participants will begin with the coin toss too. Winners get to pick which heroes should they use in the first game, losers pick at the second game.
• Third match (if they both tie the score with 1-1) will be playing Shadow Fiend (Fixed).
• If the participants have issues during halfway match, they can pause the game and inform the admin/committee of the issues.
• If either one of the participants disconnected from the game, the game must be paused by their opponent and wait for the reconnection to resume the game.
• If the match has issues on reconnecting to the game, both participants should decide whether to have a rematch of the game with same heroes or re-pick other heroes.

For more information/details please contact:
Ms. Teng - 016-8387811
Gregory Chung - 014-3508283
Chong Kok Keong - 014-3748389