OS Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cup #9

Par OS-Tournaments
Welcome to the 9th OS-tournament, we looked at the feedback from the last tournament and we hope that we could improve your game experience.
The tournament will be in 150cc.

Sunday, 07, February (Time in CET)
- End of registration at 2:59pm
- Team check-in from 3pm to 3:45pm
- Tournament start at 4pm
Fuseau horaire
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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⚠️Streamer rules⚠️

❗ With the registration at the tournament we get the permission to use the video material for our tournament, it does not matter if facecam is present or spoken. ❗
-don't give your viwers the friend code from the organizers
-don't show the friend code from the organizers in your stream

The following information will be requested during registration:

- Discord User Name
- Switch User Name
- Switch Friend Code
- Birthday
- Country
- Accept Checkbox

❕ Game Settings ❕

- Racing only
- 16 races
- 150cc
- no teams
- items: default
- with COM
- all vehicles
- no smart steering

❗ Disconnection Rules ❗

You can join immediately after the race but you will get the points from the last human player. Example: we have 6 participants in total and you dc. You can join in the next round and you will get the points from the 6th place