FFA Frenzy with Divine Mind
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EuropaHalo's FFA Frenzy with Divine Mind

Par EuropaHalo with Divine Mind
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We return with a summer event and its all about individual skill in this one.

FFA Frenzy in association with Divine Mind

with thanks to HCS and the Grassroots Programme

Make your way through the crowd to be the best FFA player in Europe for 2020.
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Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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1st Place - Astro A10 Headset + M60 Mixamp + £50
2nd Place - 3 Months Gamepass Ultimate + £20
3rd Place - 3 Months Gamepass Ultimate

Best Clip of the tourney - £20
No Smurf accounts are allowed. If a player uses an account different to the one registered they will be disqualified immediately.

European Region only with exception to a few cases. Message an admin for clarification.

Admins reserve the right for common sense ruling and party identity checks if required.

64 player limited pending expansion if required.

8 player groups with Top 4 advancing.

Full Rules to be linked here in advance within the week.

Players MUST be on the EuropaHalo discord to play and assure their place. Link can be found in description or pinned on EuropaHalo twitter page. www.twitter.com/europahalo

No Radar, Pistols and Truth. A gametype and map will be provided and linked shortly.