Xbox One

Remember Reach Invitational

Par UGL Toronto
This will be a doubles/Team Slayer tournament and all games will be played at your respective desks. We will be following the official MLG rule set within the game 'Team Hard core' and the full list of rules can be found on the official UGL website.
Fuseau horaire
America/Toronto (UTC-04:00)
All Games will follow the "TEAM HARDCORE" rule set

Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: None
Health Recharge Rate 0% (No Recharge)
Starting Equipment: None
Player Speed: 120%
Jump Height: 110%
Player Gravity: 150%
Motion Tracker Mode: Off
Spartan Loadouts 1-5: Hidden
Suicide Penalty: None
Betrayal Penalty: None
Respawn Traits, Equipment Usage: Disabled
Team Changing: Not Allowed