BadAsAFish80's MM 1v1 #26

BadAsAFish80's Minion Masters Tournament 1v1 #26 - $100 Prize Pool - August

Por BadAsAFish80
This is a global PC Minion Masters 1v1, Double Elimination, Best of 3 (Finals are Best of 5), Multi-Day event. It is a Battlegrounds Qualifier Tournament (BQT) which means the top 4 will earn an invitation into the next Sinobii's Battleground Invitational (SBI) featuring a prize pool of $200 or more, a TEAM MANA FRENZY tournament. Please note that this is a global tournament, open to players of all time zones.

When the tournament starts you will be put in a Discord group with your opponent and my admin. There will be 3 days to play each round at your convenience.

Registration is open to anyone playing on PC. There is no cross play between Xbox and PC allowing for a shared tournament.

⚠️⚠️ IMPORTANT: You are required to join my Discord ( ) and add myself (BadAsAFish80 🐟#0275) and my admin (tODDlife#0679) as friends so that we can easily communicate regarding match scheduling. Failure to do this will prevent you from participating in the tournament.
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America/New York (UTC-05:00)
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💰 $100 Prize Pool (via PayPal) + In game prizes

💰 1st place cash prize $50 + Morellia Dynasty Skin + 3 Big Dwarf Packs (900 Rubies + 45 Power Tokens)
💰 2nd place cash prize $25 + 2 Big Dwarf Packs (600 Rubies + 30 Power Tokens)
💰 3rd place cash prize $15 + 1 Big Dwarf Pack (300 Rubies + 15 Power Tokens)
💰 4th place cash prize $10 + 1 Big Dwarf Pack (300 Rubies + 15 Power Tokens)
5th - 8th Place 1 Dwarf Pack (1500 Gold + 3 Power Tokens)

As a BQT, this event will also awards 10 TEAM MANA FRENZY Experience Points to EVERY participant who is a Registered TEAM MANA FRENZY Ladder competitor!

When you accumulate enough XP, you will LEVEL UP, earning in-game rewards like Dwarf Packs and Rubies - so even if you do not place highly enough to win any of the prizes up for grabs for this particular event, you still can earn rewards over time, simply by being active in events held by TEAM MANA FRENZY!

Level 2 requires [30] XP, earning you a bonus Dwarf Pack
Level 3 requires [100] XP, earning you a bonus Big Dwarf Pack
Level 4 requires [500] XP, earning you a bonus of your choice of either a MEGA Dwarf pack or 2,500 rubies!