Duels Monday #4 Bronze Cup

Duels Monday #4 Bronze Cup

Por Duels Monday Team
Online, South America
Duels Monday #4 - Bronze Cup

Only players below 1000 elo are allowed to play.

The games starts at 20h (08h pm - UMT -3h) of june 21.

20h in Brazil / Argentina
19h in Chile / New York
16h in California
Zona horaria
America/Sao Paulo (UTC-03:00)
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No prizes, only fun :D
- Only players below 1000 elo are allowed (medium of the last 6 months).
- All players must join the discord server (https://discord.gg/npFaEdHtwV) at least 10 minutes before the matchtes starts.

- If the player dont respond the organization invation to the match through Discord in 15 minutes he/she will forfeit the match.

All matches are BO3.

Single elimination bracket.