FPSChallenge CoD4 Spring 2021

FPSChallenge CoD4 Classic 5vs5 P2P Spring League 2021

Por FPSChallenge
Online, Europe
Rules are subject to change.
1. Tournament format and general requirements
- Groups = BO3 MR12 - OT MR3, Playoffs = BO3 MR12 - OT MR3
- Knife veto system: Loser removes, Winner removes, Loser picks, Winner picks. Remaining map = decider

Side on map:
- Pick on eachothers map. Decider = knife

Grand Final = BO5 and uses the following veto system:
- Knife veto system: Winner bans, Loser picks, Winner picks, Loser picks, Winner picks. In case of 2-2, the banned map is the decider.
In the grand final, you pick side on the opponents map.

- Teams must provide a screenshot of the final score per map in discord to avoid conflicts over the final score.

In case of a tie in points:
- Map difference will be looked at first (Map+/-)
- If Map difference is the same, amount of maps won will be the decider.
- If all that is the same, head to head result will be the decider.
If a team is unable to play a match, a forfeit win will be awarded to the other team. A forfeit win counts as a 2-0 win.

2. Team requirements
- Teams must have at least 5 players on their roster to play in the event.
- The maximum amount of players per team is 8 players.
- Teams must enter their Discord account and GUIDs when registering.

3. Server Settings
- Matches are played on EU FPS Challenge servers unless there are server issues.
- Every match is played on PromodLIVE220 (pml220).
- Servers must be running on 1.9x version (CoD4x)
- Promod_Mode knockout_MR12_knife is used
- In case of a draw (12-12) in the playoffs promod_mode knockout_MR3 is used.

4. Match Rules
- Teams must play using a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5.
- A team may substitute a player in a timeout during the match as long as the player is listed on the team's roster.
- Readying up does NOT mean agreeing to the players playing. A team can claim a forfeit after the match if the opponent used a player that is not on their roster.
- Mixers are NOT allowed. Killspecs are, but opponent must agree and they must use AC.
- Any additional player change will cost 5 euro, this has to be paid the same way as the entry fee. (Paypal/Bank transfer). This means you can have 8 players in total, but if you want to remove one and add a new one, you pay the extra fee. If you sign up with 5/6/7 players and want to add an 8th during the league, this is free. You can freely change your entire lineup until 8.11.2020.
- If a player wants to join a team, but he already played for another team in the league, a 5 euro fee will be charged regardless of the amount of players in the new team. A player may only switch teams once. You may not buy out another team or move the majority of your lineup to another team.

5. Time Allowance
- Teams have maximum of 5 minutes to ready up during half-time (switching sides) and 10 minutes to ready up on map change. Opponent team has to warn the team first and have their own players all in the server and readied up in order to be able to claim a forfeit win.
- If you continue to play the match you lose the right to open a dispute.

6. Maplist
- mp_backlot_fix
- mp_citystreets
- mp_crash
- mp_crossfire
- mp_strike

7. Server Crashes
If a server crashes during the round, you have to replay from the beginning of that round.

8. Illegal Scripts & Binds
- Scripts & config tweaking that affects game play including but not limited to nade scripts, wait commands, macros and so forth, including configs that change commands/rates are disallowed. These commands range from set nade binds to gain the longest throw to scripting a superior firing rate of semi-automatic weapons.
- This also includes multi-command binds such as bind KEY "toggleads; +attack" on the scroll wheel.
- Using the scrollwheel to shoot is also illegal.
- Players caught using illegal scripts and binds including nade scripts and weapon next binds will receive a forfeit loss and would be banned from the tournament including their team.
- This also includes binds to turn on certain things by using a bug exploit. Depending on the bind, the player can receive a ban for bug abuse.

9. Bugs and Glitches
- It is NOT permitted for any user to take advantage of map bugs (for example elevators, outside the boundaries of the map, under the map and so forth) or glitches during a match.
- Glitching is defined as moving or seeing through or over a physical object and is NOT permitted.
- Selfspec is not allowed => (looking downwards next to an object, Allowing you to see and not be seen (e.g.: A wooden on crash looking head down in the window allowing you to see people on the A site without them being able to see you)
- Grenade jumps and anything similar are NOT permitted.
- The use of silent drops is permitted but only in the case of known silent drops.
- Players are only allowed to bounce to places which can be reached without the use of a bounce. Bouncing to roofs and balconies which are unreachable in a normal way is prohibited.
- Straight forward jumps and those that do not involve any part of the in-game character moving through a physical object, are allowed.
- Boosting is only allowed to boost players to spots where a player can get to by themselves.
- Standing on another player's head to peek is also allowed, the above rule also applies.
- Boosting by shooting own players is not allowed. For every round this occurs, the round will be defaulted to the opposing team. If this occurs more than 2 times during the match it will be defaulted to the opposing team.
- Players who are caught using bugs or glitches immediately forfeit the round. If this occurs on more than 2 occasions then the match will be forfeited.

10. Cheating
- Third Party programs :
- Any game modification understand as changing .iwd files of game (e.g. weapon or model skins)
- Using any third party software (e.g. nVidia Control Panel or RivaTuner) to tweak Graphics settings to give you an advantage - for example Ambient Occlusion is NOT allowed.
- Any player caught cheating by demo or anticheat will result in a pernament ban.
- The FPS Challenge Anticheat is mandatory.
- If a player did not use the anticheat, the team gets a forfeit loss
- If the anticheat crashed or did not work as intended, it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the decision is up to the admins.
- If the anticheat catches a player using cheats, the player will be banned permanently and the team will be disqualified from the league. We have a zero tolerance policy.
- If the anticheat catches a player using either: Macros via drivers or by config such as, but not limited to, weapnext, nadescripts, zoomscripts, fastshootscripts etc, the team receives a forfeit loss and the player will be banned as followed:
1st offence: 1 week ban
2nd: 1 month ban
3rd: 3 month ban
4th: 1 year ban
5th: permanent ban

If a player plays 2 matches in 1 week and only gets caught in 1 match, only that match result will be overturned. So if a player did not trigger any violations in a match, that match will not be overturned.

To clarify, having scripts or illegal binds in your config at any time is considered illegal. Obviously things such as scripts for moviemaking are legal. Anything related to gameplay is not, even if it hasn't been bound to a key.

11. Abuse
- A warning or ban will be given to any player found to be abusing another team/player.
- Abuse against an admin in game, dispute chat or private message will not be tolerated and may result in an instant ban.

12. Disputes, demos and screenshots
- Teams who wish to open a dispute for a breach of any of the above rules may do so by sending a private message to an admin.
- All matches played need to be recorded and demos should be kept until 48 hours after the match was played. Should a dispute be opened, demos should be kept until 48 hours after the dispute is solved. Failing to follow these rules will lead to a direct forfeit loss for the team.
- Opponents have the right to request five (5) demos from their
opponents if they suspect foul play. If a demo is missing more than 3 rounds then a default win will be awarded to the opposing team.
- Teams/players must request a demo by writing the nickname of the required player(s) in the #league-chat and also tagging the captain of the opponent team and @CoD4 Admin. If a player has a different nickname in-game, you may request that the player uses their Discord nickname.

- Timestamps must be in the following format:
2-2 @ 1:30 - traces through the wall for 3 seconds
2-3 @ 0:43 - possible aim assist - his aim isn't on the player but still lands the kill

- Teams have 24 hours to ask for demos. The other team has 24 hours to provide the requested demos. A valid reason must be supplied. An example of this is: ''we suspect player X of using a wallhack''. A demo request is not valid without a good reason.
- A demo upload may take longer than 24 hours, this can be decided by an admin. Exceptions include things such as a player being on holiday and being unable to reach their PC within the 24 hour mark. It will be discussed with an admin and a new time limit will be set in within the player can upload their demo.
- Players have 48 hours to make timestamps which will be reviewed by the demo crew immediately.

13. Scheduling and wildcards.
- Each team has two wildcards in Stage 1.
- Each team has one wildcard in Stage 2.

If you are unable to play a match in a given match week, you have to use a wildcard and you are free to reschedule to any of the other weeks. You are allowed to play matches of other weeks in advance without the use of a wildcard.

If a match is scheduled (you have both agreed), either team has until 24 hours before the match starts to freely reschedule. If you need to reschedule within 24 hours of the scheduled match start, your team must use a wildcard. If both teams agree to reschedule (in the same match week), no wildcard is needed.