Sinobii's October BQT(PC)

Por Sinobii
Want to compete in Organized Play? Sign up for our next play-over-time BQT (Battleground Qualifier Tournament) now!

This (PC) event will be held off-stream over two weeks starting Monday, October 14th, 2019, with the Final 4 battling it out ON STREAM on October 27th at 8PM EST.

Be sure to pre-register no later than October 13th to avoid missing the cut off when matches are posted sometime on the 14th!

The winner of this BQT earns an invitation to TEAM MANA FRENZY's premier monthly tournament event, featuring a CASH prize pool - the SBI!

Optional: Looking to compete outside of organized tournaments? Sign up as a TEAM MANA FRENZY Ladder Competitor, that's FREE too! Visit our discord at and follow ALL of the instructions found in the the #how-ladder-works channel to register as a Ladder Competitor!
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America/New York (UTC-04:00)
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The Winner receives an invitation to the next SBI / CASH PRIZE TOURNAMENT, and a BIG dwarf pack!
2nd place also wins a BIG Dwarf Pack!

The more players in the event, the more prizes that unlock!
16-31: 2nd place ALSO WINS AN INVITATION, 3rd-4th place also win a regular Dwarf pack
32+: 3rd-4th ALSO WINS AN INVITATION and upgrades to a Big Dwarf pack, 5th-8th also wins a dwarf pack.
64+:5th-8th ALSO WINS AN INVITATION, and 8th-16th also wins a Dwarf Pack!

This event also awards 10 TEAM MANA FRENZY Experience Points to EVERY participant who is a Registered TEAM MANA FRENZY Ladder competitor!

When you accumulate enough XP, you will LEVEL UP, earning in-game rewards like Dwarf Packs and Rubies - so even if you do not place highly enough to win any of the prizes up for grabs for this particular event, you still can earn rewards over time, simply by being active in events held by TEAM MANA FRENZY!

Level 2 requires [30] XP, earning you a bonus Dwarf Pack
Level 3 requires [100] XP, earning you a bonus Big Dwarf Pack
Level 4 requires [500] XP, earning you a bonus of your choice of either a MEGA Dwarf pack or 2,500 rubies!
This BQT will be held as a Single Elimination Tournament, using standard Ladder Match rules. (See Rules at end)

If you're having trouble finding/scheduling your match with your assigned opponent, on the FIRST Calendar Day of the round, post in the #ladder-matchmaking-pc channel of the discord and ping Sinobii (and your opponent, if able.)

If you still have not received a response from your opponent agreeing to a time to play the match by the LAST calendar day of that round, visit Sinobii's channel during the first two hours of the stream (6-8PM EST) on that day as a final attempt to find your opponent. If your opponent does not also respond to you, and also fails to arrive to Sinobii's stream to check in during that time to arrange playing your match with you, you will be awarded the win.

The FINAL FOUR will be STREAMED on October 27th starting 8PM.

The first round will run for 4 CALENDAR DAYS. Each round thereafter (until the Final 4) will run for 2 CALENDAR days (if the round would end on a Wednesday or a Saturday then an extra day is added.) (EDIT:ADJUSTED due to less rounds needed)

Here's the schedule!
(round#:start day-end day)
1:Oct 14-22
2:Oct 23-27 until 8PM
Semi Finals and Grand Finals: LIVE ON STREAM Oct 27th starting at 8PM EST

If you have any questions, please post in the #tournament-chat channel of the discord,


Current standard Ladder Match rules:
Just like in normal ranked mode, you may queue with any Legal Deck (master/cards) you choose in the best of 3 series, so your opponent has no idea what you're playing!

For the deck to be a Legal Deck, it must follow these limitations:

Banned Cards : [NONE currently banned.]
Banned Heroes: [NONE currently banned.]

Weigh in on what to ban/not ban in the #ladder-discussion channel on our discord!