AAM: Albion Arena Masters

By Evoque

Attention arena competitors! The time has come for us to announce our first seasonal tournament that will take place this fall!

This time we’re bringing you more ways to get involved. With an open registration, you’ll see even more great action from all your favorite teams and new contenders. All being played on our arena map and broadcasted live to Twitch for your viewing pleasure.

The format of the tournament will be 5v5, with a gear cap of tier 6.1. Weapon selection will be locked upon entering each match but you may change armour freely. Normal arena principles in regards to zone and gear will apply.
There will also be two phases to the tournament, phase one will be a qualifier group stage. The second phase will be a double elimination bracket.

Our goal is to give everyone a chance at glory. However, if there are too many registrations we will use a combination of in-game metrics to seed teams. This will be done at our discretion.

Contact; Evoque#9601
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
We will have a combination of special mounts for our top 3 winners and a split of buy-in silver between the top teams. More details will follow in our future announcements!