[LAN-slide v31] RL 2v2

By LAN-slide
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1. The match settings are as follows:
a) Game Mode - SOCCAR
b) Arena – DFH STADIUM
c) Team Size - 3v3
d) Bot Difficulty - NO BOTS
e) Mutators
- Preset Settings - CUSTOM
- Match Length - 5 MINUTES
- Max Score - UNLIMITED
- Overtime - UNLIMITED
- Series Length - 3 GAMES
- Game Speed - DEFAULT
- Ball Max Speed - DEFAULT
- Ball Type - DEFAULT
- Ball Size - DEFAULT
- Ball Bounciness - DEFAULT
- Boost Amount - DEFAULT
- Rumble - NONE
- Boost Strength - 1X
- Gravity - DEFAULT
- Demolist - DEFAULT
- Respawn Time - 3 SECONDS
f) Each tournament match in Challonge will be played as a Best of Three (3).

2. The top team according to the tournament bracket will be the host and configure settings as per section point 1. To host a LAN match, go to PLAY LOCAL > HOST LOCAL LOBBY.

3. All other players will join the game by using PLAY LOCAL > JOIN LOCAL LOBBY using details provided per section point 2.

4. When all players are in the local lobby, teams may be assigned – Top Team = Orange, Bottom Team = Blue per the generated bracket.
a) If not all team players are in the lobby before selecting the team colour, Rocket League will start a round after a short timeout period causing an invalid game.
b) To help avoid (a), it is advised that the Team Captain create a “Party” and invite team players. In this situation, only the Team Captain has to join. Players that disconnect also have the ability to re-join through Steam.

5. A match is considered live when:-
a) All players for all teams have joined the game lobby.
b) All players have chosen the correct side.
c) Either 10 seconds has elapsed - or - a score has been registered without any message(s) posted.

6. Restarts may only happen when there is a player disconnection or server issue within the first 30 seconds and where no scoring goals have been made.

7. Where multiple people over multiple games disconnect due to network connectivity issues, the game will restart with the clock counted down from the score immediately where the disconnect took place.