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Pro League PS/XBOX

By WFC Faceit Console
Online, Worldwide
Warface consoles Tournament will be carried out Worldwide League, 'Pro League'
Do not miss your chance to compete with the best Warface teams on PS/XBOX.
At 12:00 UTC (13:00 CET) on the 13th. of November 2021, Esports teams will face each other in the 5v5 game mode. Only a fair combat can determine the real champion!
The long months of hard training and fine-tuning of your skills are over. Here is a great opportunity to show what you're capable of. Pro League PS/XBOX 2021!
Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+01:00)
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1st. - 25 000 K to the team
2nd. - 20 000 K to the team
3rd. - 15 000 K to the team
4th. - 10 000 K to the team
5th. - 8th. - 7500K to the team