BeNeDota League Season 6

BeNeDota League Season 6

By BeNeDota
BeNeDota was created to bring content & events to Dota players and Dota players to content & events! With plenty of players enjoying Dota2 in the Netherlands and Belgium, there was no real central place to go to, to meet other players and learn about all events relevant to Dota2 in our region. BeNeDota is working to fill this gap and bring a better Dota2 experience to all players in Belgium & the Netherlands.

In our league, we aim for 2 things with the format:
- The league should be limited in time
- Teams should play opponents of their own skill level as much as possible

Group stages are BO1.
Play-offs are BO1.
The final is BO3.

After about 8-10 weeks, the league is done. The number of games depends on your performance both in group stage and play-offs. It is possible you play 1 team more than once, in different stages of the league.
Europe/Brussels (UTC+02:00)
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Division 1:
1st | €500,-
2nd | €250,-
3rd | €100,-
4th | €50,-
5th-8th | €25,-

Division 2:
1st | €25,-