Skud Pai Sho Olympics
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Skud Pai Sho Olympics

By Cannoli
Join in a multistage round-robin style Skud Pai Sho tournament! Score higher than other competitors in your division to stay in the event, and try to go for gold!

For each stage, the participant pool will be split evenly into different round robin divisions. Players will be scored based on how they play in their division, with certain values being tied to wins, losses, draws, and forfeits/inactivity, depending on the stage. At the end of each stage, a certain number of the highest scoring players in each division advance to the next stage, while the remaining players are eliminated. The number of players that advance to the next stage will depend on both the stage and the size of the tournament. Scores carry over from one stage to the next, so give it your all in every match!

Only 6 players will make it to the finals, which will be worth the greatest amount of points. Once the final stage concludes, the gold, silver, and bronze medalists will be chosen based on their cumulative scores, with a special Skud Pai Sho tournament winner role going to the gold medalist!
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