VCE #2

VALORANT Circuito de Elite #2

By Inygon
*Toornament nickname must be the same as the Riot ID (example#EUW) in order to ease procedures.

17/18 July - Qualifier
3/4/5/6 August - Group Stage
8/9/10/11 August - Playoffs

(Registration ends July 16th at 23:59 WEST time - Tournament starts July 17th at 15:00 WEST time)

Schedule and Brackets are released after the registration deadline, with the schedule being announced right after 23:59 and the Bracket being released right after the check-in deadline, on July 17th at 14:55 WEST.

PS: Schedule is subject to changes due to forfeit or registration issues with teams.
Some rounds may be played beforehand with the Admin approval.
Europe/Lisbon (UTC+01:00)
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EMEA Qualifier: Top 4 teams advance to Groups
PT Qualifier: Top 8 teams advance to Groups
Group Stage: Top 2 teams from each group advance to Playoffs

At the end of playoffs, the prize distribution will be as follows:

Winner: 1 250€
2nd place: 750€
3rd/4th place: 250€
This is an abridged version of the VALORANT Circuito de Elite Rulebook.
You can check the full version HERE:
How to participate

This is mainly an online competition that will be hosted on Toornament and as such is subject to the platforms’ limitations, terms and conditions and capabilities. If the platform doesn’t allow any player/team to register for any reason, registration cannot be completed otherwise.

VCE is open to all players/teams/organizations from the EMEA region, that meet all the necessary participation criteria. Players must be at least 16 years of age by the time they play their first match in the competition.

The Organizer reserves the right to, at any moment, request any documents that prove age and/or residence of any player/organization. Refusing to comply with the request and present the necessary documentation do so will lead to automatic DQ of the team.

The Organizer reserves the right to has the right to invalidate any registration from teams or players that do not meet the necessary competition criteria and consequently remove the team/player from the competition without need for previous notice.

Besides registration, players/teams must confirm their presence using the "check-in" process.

By signing up to compete, all teams and participants agree with the all rules and terms present on this document.


All games will be played on the games’ most recent patch for the EMEA region, with all Riot Games restrictions also in play. Matches will be played via Custom Mode with “Tournament Mode” and “Overtime: Win by Two” settings enabled. Teams on show on the top side of the match in the bracket will be responsible for creating the game lobby. Team captains must add each other in-game and invite all team members to the game.

The host will be responsible for making sure that all game settings are correct before starting the match. In the event of a match starting without the correct settings, the opposing team may opt to request the remake of the lobby or the default win.

Played servers will be Madrid, Paris 1 and Paris 2.
Teams can agree to a server, otherwise and admin will decide based on the least average ping per team.

When a game is broadcasted for an official channel, it can’t begin without the permission of an Admin or Production staff member. A team cannot refuse to have their match broadcasted to an official channel.

After each match teams must submit the match score to the platform and as well as a print with the full scoreboard.

Each VCE Round will consist of three stages: Qualifier, Group Stage and Playoffs.

During group stage/playoffs teams must communicate on the official discord provided by the organiser where they will be accompanied by a Referee and all communications will be recorded.

Each qualifier will have a 128 team limit. Qualifiers will be played in a double-elimination best-of-one (Bo1) format, with the exception of qualifying games being best-of-three (Bo3).

12 teams will proceed to the Group Stage from each qualifier. From the moment they qualify teams have their rosters locked, and can only remove players that didn’t play any match or list max. 2 new players until they fill the 7 player limit.

Group Stage
Group stage will be played by 16 teams (12 from the Qualifiers and 4 from Circuito Tormenta).
Teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams each. This stage will be held on a GSL best-of-one (Bo1) format.
Teams who place 1st and 2nd in each group advance to the playoff stage.

Teams will be seeded as follows:
1st seeds - 4 teams from EMEA Qualifier;
2nd/3rd seeds - 8 teams from PT Qualifier;
4th seeds - 4 teams qualified from Circuito Tormenta.

Top 8 teams will compete in a single-elimination best-of-three (Bo3) bracket with 3rd/4th place decider match.
Seeding and match order will be as follows:
Game 1 - 1st place of Group A vs 2nd place of Group D;
Game 2 - 1st place of Group B vs 2nd place of Group C;
Game 3 - 1st place of Group C vs 2nd place of Group B;
Game 4 - 1st place of Group D vs 2nd place of Group A;
Game 5 - Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2;
Game 6 - Winner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4;
Game 7 - Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 6.

VCE Final
After every VCE Round, teams will have points assigned to them according to their standing in the leaderboard. At the end of all VCE Rounds, the top 8 teams with most points in the leaderboard will proceed to the VCE Final.
This competition will run as a single-elimination best-of-three (Bo3), with the Grand Final being played as a best-of-five (Bo5).

Seeding will be assigned according to the points ranking.
Higher seeds will get to pick their opposing team, one by one, with the final matchup being assigned automatically.

Map Pool

(veto process may change pending any VALORANT update with new maps)

In best-of-one matches, the veto will happen as follows:

Top team/higher seed ban 1 map;
Bottom team/lower seed ban 1 map;
Top team/higher seed ban 1 map;
Bottom team/lower seed ban 1 map;
Bottom team/lower seed picks the map;
Top team/higher seed chooses side.

In best-of-three matches, the veto will happen as follows:
(For qualifying games, a coin flip will happen and the winner will be awarded the higher seed status)

Higher seed ban 1 map;
Lower seed ban 1 map;
Lower seed picks map 1;
Higher seed picks side for map 1;
Higher seed picks map 2;
Lower seed picks side for map 2;
Lower seed picks map 3;
Higher seed picks side for map 3.

In best-of-five matches, the veto will happen as follows:

Lower seed picks map 1;
Higher seed picks side for map 1;
Higher seed picks map 2;
Lower seed picks side for map 2;
Lower seed picks map 3;
Higher seed picks side for map 3;
Higher seed picks map 4;
Lower seed picks side for map 4;
Lower seed picks map 5;
Higher seed picks side for map 5.

Cheats e Time Outs
Cheats are not allowed.
Teams will have acess to two 60 seconds tactical timeouts for each game.
For any technical issues, both teams have up to 10 minutes of pause.

There will be an extra 15 minute delay time limit for all of the players to be ready to compete after the appointed time for matches. In the event of one or more players not being in the lobby or ready to play within the time limit, their team will be assigned a no-show and consequently a default win will be given to the opposing team. A game cannot start without all 10 players.
There will be no rescheduling and no postponement of any matches without the consent of all parties involved and the final consent of the Organizer.

All players are exclusively responsible for their equipment (PC, peripherals, comms, etc), possible DDOS prevention and for the maintenance and stability of their Internet connection.

Rulebook Modifications
The Organization reserves the right to alter the present rulebook at any moment in the event of necessity. Unawareness of the rules listed in this document does not serve as justification for non-compliance and application of the aforementioned.
Any instance not contemplated in this rulebook will be revised by the Organization and it will have full authority to deliberate and apply whatever changes deemed necessary within the principles of justice and sportsmanship.

Broadcast and Image Rights
All broadcast content and image rights are property to the VALORANT Circuito de Elite Organization. No restream, rebroadcast or useage of content provided by VCE is allowed without the consent of the Organizer.
No team or player can refuse that their games be broadcasted by the Organizer.
By registering to compete all participants accept that the Organizer of VALORANT Circuito de Elite and its subsidiary companies and authorised partners may use their personal and digital image, full name and In-game nickname for competition promotional purposes and related marketing campaigns.
All participating teams and players agree that the Organizer of VALORANT Circuito de Elite and its subsidiary companies and authorised partners may use their image, logos, brands and players for competition promotional purposes and related marketing campaigns.
All participants (players and/or teams) concede the aforementioned rights in gratuitous fashion, and renounce to request for any compensation regarding those rights.

Staff can be contacted through the platform, our Discord server and through [email protected]