Rookies to Riches#5

Greetings and Salutations everyone!
This tournament shall be held over 2 Saturdays (May 8th & 15th).
On Saturday May 8th at noon (12 pm) EST we will hold the 1v1 portion of the tournament with a double elimination.
We will use the results of that to pair the stronger players with the weaker players into teams who will then have 1 week to practice until the 2v2 portion of the tournament takes place on Saturday May 15th at noon EST. Matches will be in a Best-of-5 Format.
My goal for this is to allow people who are newer to the tournament scene a chance to compete with tournament style decks but more importantly a chance to learn something from the higher skilled players and hopefully form some friendships along the way :)

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Player that can only make it to one of the parts of the tournament (can only play in one of the Saturdays) or if you wont have time to practice, please message me on Discord so we can find a solution. Don't let that stop you from having fun matches in the community!

discord link:
this will be hosted by my twitch channel:
America/New York (UTC-04:00)
1v1 portion, Dwarf packs for 2nd-3rd place BIG dwarf pack for 1st place
2v2 portion, BIG dwarf packs for both players of the teams who finish 1st-3rd

if the player who wins the 1v1 ALSO wins the 2v2 they will get a Dynasty Morellia skin!!