12 Node Collection Tournament

By Pege
Lets find out who makes the best small collection AI. All welcome, but please first read the custom rules🙂:

--maximum of 12 nodes per AI.

--each bot on your team must use the same AI.

--you can use all the bot classes, but remember they all have to share the same AI.

--match length is doubled to 10 minutes.

The first round is a confirmation round with one match per player. As long as you deploy a valid 12 node team you progress and the result won't affect your placement. There will be 24 hours to deploy.

After that we play a double elimination format. Players are eliminated after two losses, until we have one winner. There will be a 9 hour deployment time between each match. Each match is played best of three games.

Depending on the number of entries, the format may be changed. So keep an eye on this page, or this discord tournament channel.

The first round matches will be created on Sunday 18 October (some time in the evening, UK time). Then the proper competitive bracket will start Monday evening (19th).

Any questions, please ask in the discord tournaments channel. Gtresd has also written this guide for how to join and play in tournaments:

Europe/London (UTC+00:00)
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The prize credits will be split:
10,000 for 1st place
6000 for 2nd place
3000 for 3rd place

Extra prize!
We are join to try and pick the best looking bots in the tournament. The creator of the best skins wins an additional prize of 500 credits