Summer Cup

Tower Tag Summer Cup 2020

By VR Nerds GmbH
To celebrate the Early Access launch on Steam, we are holding the very first tournament with the home version of Tower Tag, the SUMMER CUP. Gather your friends, form a team, and fight for fame and prizes.

You don't have a team, yet? No problem! Just join our Discord channel here and look for players or join an existing team.

And to make sure everybody can follow your rise to the top, we integrated LIV so you can stream everything! And guess what? If you're feeling brave enough, whip on a bHaptics TACSUIT* and feel the impact!

If we exceed the original number of teams, we will adjust accordingly.

*don't have one? Not sure if you win? Get one here:
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
Join Discord
1500 €
$1700 USD

1st 800€ + two bHaptics TACSUIT worth a total of $1000 USD
2nd 400€
3rd 200€

+ 100€ for the MVP of the tournament