International Duel Cup 2

International Duel Cup 2

By Rocket Jump Zone
We will separate players by nation, for example: Russia, England, Germany..
Winner of each group advances into a single elimination bracket.

This tournament is for Europe. NA and AU players might sign up as well, but they will have to deal with ping disadvantage in the single elimination bracket.

Stream (ENG) -
Admin: Ch4mp, Caster: Kaapeli47
Skill level: Any

Tournament start:
May 8, 8PM CEST / 2PM EDT (check-in 45 mins prior)

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Europe/Bratislava (UTC+02:00)
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donations during the tournament: (streamlabs)

1st place:
60% of the prize pool
gold trophy to your profile

2nd place:
20% of the prize pool
silver trophy to your profile

3th Place:
Rocket Jump Zone Staff ;)
20% of the prize pool
Best of 1: Ban (H), Ban (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Tiebreaker
Best of 3: Ban (H), Ban (L), Pick (H), Pick (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Tiebreaker

Champion bans? -> Nope
Oh you mean the champions can be the same? So exactly like ranked? -> Yes
Who picks a champion first? -> Higher seed

okay, this is the order:
1> Higher seed starts map ban / pick
2> Lower seed starts map ban / pick
3> Higher seed picks a champion
4> Lower seed picks a champion

Timelimit Duel: 10 minutes
Score Limit: 100

Awoken, Blood Covenant, Blood Run, Corrupted Keep, Ruins of Sarnath,
The Molten Falls, Vale of Pnath