2v2 TDM Cup 11

2v2 TDM Cup 11

By Rocket Jump Zone
Stream (ENG) - https://www.twitch.tv/rocketjumpzone
Admin / Caster: Ch4mp
Skill level: Any

Tournament start:
Mar 12, 8PM CET / 2PM EST (check-in 7:00 - 7:45)

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Europe/Bratislava (UTC+02:00)
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donations during the tournament:
https://rocketjump.zone/donate (streamlabs)

1st place:
50% of the prize pool - PayPal fees
gold trophy to your profile

2nd place:
silver trophy to your profile

3rd place:
bronze trophy to your profile

PayPal required, 48h for payment

50% of the prize pool to support Rocket Jump Zone - we're not sponsored by any gaming studio, been doing this for free, thanks!
see our Patreon goal and more info.. https://rocketjump.zone/patreon