Black Hundred Cup

By b100 Esports



The rules and policies in this document will be applied to the all the players.
This set of rules is considered to be a real document; it can be updated and changed at any time and for any reason. The set of regulations of this document is adopted to preserve the fair play and integrity of the tournament.


All people over 16 years from Russia, CIS countries and Europe are allowed to participate in the tournament, Except for:
• the players of the Quake Pro League
• the top 4 Quake Pro League Challenger players as well as the players from the top 4 completed Quake Pro League Challengers stages.
• the top 3 previous stages of BLACK HUNDRED CUP

Main setting:
• Best-of-3
• Mode: Duel Timelimit
• Time limit: 10 minutes
• Fraglimit: 20 Frags
• Overtime: sudden death
• Champions: 1 Champions limit

Blood Covenant
Blood Run
Corrupted Keep
Ruins of Sarnath
The Molten Falls
Vale of Pnath

Picks & bans of maps & champions are held in the system!/

The player with the highest position in tournament bracket will create an event to select champions and maps in the system!/

Servers should be chosen with the smallest difference between the two players in the regions of Russia, Europe or CIS.


Each player who takes 1st place in the tournament will get the opportunity to challenge one of the players of the «Black Sotnya» team.
For the victory over the player of the team «b100» the winner receives an additional $100. In case of the victory of the player of the «b100» team, the main prize goes as an additional payment for the 1st place in the Grand final of the «BLACK HUNDRED CUP» tournament series.

Maps for show match:
Blood Covenant
Blood Run
Corrupted Keep
Ruins of Sarnath
The Molten Falls
Vale of Pnath
Format: BO5
Mode: Timelimit Duel
Timelimit: 10 minutes
Fraglimit: 20 Frags
Overtime: sudden death
Champions: 1 Champions limit


All the players are expected to show a good level of play, respect for each other and for all the developers, publishers, tournament organizers and spectators.

By the way, any defamation of the brand and employees associated with FACEIT or Quake Champions, Black Sotnya (Black Hundred), whether in person or on any digital platform, including, any social networks and chat programs, may lead to the decision of the organizers that a participant in this tournament may be deprived of a potential prize and to a suspension or ban from participation in the event.

Violation of any policy in this section may result in a verbal or written warning, confiscation of the round, confiscation of the match, reduction of the prize pool, or a combination of these penalties.


Disciplinary action for a misconduct in a match.
The following actions are strictly prohibited during the match and will result in tournament match penalties being determined at the discretion of the tournament organizers, as well as a warning of misconduct in the match.

• The player refuses to follow the instructions of the tournament administrator;
• The player disagrees with words or actions with any other participant; or uses offensive language and / or gestures towards any other participant;
• Player commits unsportsmanlike conduct;

A player may be sanctioned in such ways as withholding a prize, losing a tournament stage, or being disqualified if:

• receives more than one (1) warning of misconduct in a match;
• misleads or" deceives " any tournament administrator; or
• uses map bugs or textures without the prior permission of the tournament administrator.
• Player use fake or alternate account.

If a player unwittingly disconnects in the middle of the map, the game immediately stops and the players will be prompted to return to the lobby. The current score line will be recorded and transferred to the map.


Postponements of the games are hold only after consultation with the enemy and the administration. Opponents must wait for the confirmation from the administration that the transfer is accepted, or the game will go on a schedule. Coordination of transfers of "today's" games is allowed no later than one and a half hours before the start of the game day (that is, the start of the first game of the day).

We expect all the players to be 20 minutes in advance of the scheduled match in order to set up, prepare and resolve any technical issues that may arise. If you notice that you are late at any point, please inform the tournament official as soon as possible. Any player who is more than 10 minutes late without notifying a tournament official will receive a penalty. Numerous delays can lead to additional penalties, including disqualification.


Administrators are the official representatives of the tournament during the event. Administrators are authorized to represent and protect the integrity of the League, tournament rules, and are responsible for the players during the event.


Any participant / player who received a ban from the official anti-cheat is not allowed to participate in the tournament. It is prohibited to use macros during the event, as well as any other software and programs that allow you to get a significant advantage in the game. It is prohibited to use fake or altarnate accounts as for professional, as for players who took 1-3 places at previous stages of BLACK HUNDRED CUP.


The players agree that all the disputes are resolved directly with the organizers of the tournament without the intervention of third parties.

Each player agrees that he is obliged to take a screenshot of the results of the game in the match, otherwise the result of the dispute may be resolved in favor of the player who provided a screenshot of the results of the match.

Decisions of the League administrators about the results of the disputes are not subject to discussion.