No description.
Asia/Kolkata (UTC+05:30)
No prize information.
Only players from India are allowed.
MOSS is compulsory.

The total amount of rounds are increased and the Attacker/Defender role swap is changed to 6. That means: Teams will start out as either attack or defense and will stick to the same side for the first six consecutive rounds. After that teams will switch sides. The first team to win 7 rounds will win the map. At a score of 6-6, there is overtime with max. 3 rounds.

All the operators are allowed.

Total of 4 Bans are must..

Match type: BOMB
Number of Bans: 4
Ban Timer: 30
Number of Rounds: 12
Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
Overtime: 3 Rounds
Overtime score difference: 2
Overtime role change: 1
Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
Attacker Unique Spawn: On
6TH Pick Phase: On
6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15
Pick Phase Timer: 15
Damage handicap: 100
Friendly fire damage: 100
Injured: 20
Sprint: On
Lean: On
Death Replay: On

Map pool:

Bank, Border, Club House, Kafe dorstoyevsky, Coastline, Consulate, Oregon, Villa, Fortress.