Turinium Cup 2019

Turinium Cup 2019

By Stardock
The Turinium Cup is the first official competitive 1v1 tournament for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation.


Participants will have to attend a maximum of two days in the period of the tournament. The day of their pool (12th, 13th, 14th of 15th) where they will compete against everyone else in their pool. This will be done from 1 PM EDT onward.

Players who have won in their respective pools will continue on to the finals on the 18th. Where times will be setup during EDT to playoff in double elimination rounds.
America/Detroit (UTC-04:00)
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At the conclusion of the finals there can only be one winner of the Turinium Cup. Whilst we will have places for 2nd and 3rd place. Only 1st place will get the prize. A choice of any Stardock product, redeemable on a Steam account*.

*Prize valid for individual titles or DLC ONLY. Bundles are ineligible.
General Rules:
• The map for each match will be chosen at random, selected from the map pool.
• No 15+ language allowed to be used during matches.
• No death threats or similar personal threats.
• Any attempts made to cheat will be cause for immediate removal.
• You agree to have matches you participate in streamed and recorded.

Attendance Rules:
• Players are expected to allow 15 minutes before official match start.
• Failure to attend a match will result in an automatic loss and possible elimination.
• Failure to attend 3 matches will result in automatic elimination from all future matches.
• All signees must have a discord account and joined the main Stardock discord server.

Game Settings:
• Metal Income: Normal
• Radioactive Income: Normal
• Quanta Income: Normal
• Map Visibility: Revealed
• Capture speed: Normal
• Air Units: Enabled
• Juggernauts: Enabled
• Orbitals: Enabled
• Build Speed: Normal
• Defensive bonus: None
• Neutral Creeps: Normal
• Victory Points: Map Default
• Supply Lines: Required