Ins. Sandstorm Spring EU Cup#2

Insurgency Sandstorm Spring EU Cup#2

By Insurgency Sandstorm Poland - Gaming League
Online, online
Insurgency: Sandstorm Spring EU Cup # 2

Event type: Double Elimination
Region: EU
Mode: 5v5 Firefight Match
Round Time: 2.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit: 11 Rounds
Max Rounds: 21
Team Count: 12
Team Size: Max 8 players (5 Core, 3 Subs)

Tournament maps: Hideout West, Summit East, Refinery, Farmhouse West, Precinct East, Farmhouse East, Hideout East, Crossing West, Summit West.

Map selection: All maps are selected via a combination of vetoes and picks. One team selects the side (Sec/Ins), the other team gets the first ban (and thus, pick).

Match Day/Time: Event starts at 19:30 CEST (GMT+2) on Saturday, May 18th.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+02:00)
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No prize information.