Minion Masters Halloween Tournament

By Edelweiß & Kishin
Hello masters of the minions,

even though the KPC is starting again, there is still a vacancy regarding community tournaments. But fear not, we will provide you with another option to present your skills in the arena and slaughter the enemies’ vassals. On November the 3rd at 15:00 UTC we open the battlefield for the Minion Master Halloween Tournament. How to better subside the spooky festivities then commanding some skeletons to do your bidding one final time. Experienced players can show off their amazing deckbuilding skills using our Halloween Card Pool. New ones, fret not, as we tinkered the rules to make it as fair and easy as possible to allow you to compete. You will even receive shiny valuables from the dwarf mines if you do so.

Edelweiß & Kishin
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
The winner will be rewarded with the Super Mega Dwarf Pack (60 Tokens + 1.000 Rubies + 10.000 Gold) and receive either Devil King Puff OR Infested Settsu legendary skin.
The 2nd place will receive a Mega Dwarf Pack and a Big Dwarf Pack (40 Tokens + 800 Rubies + 5000 Gold).
The 3rd place will get a Mega Dwarf Pack (25 Tokens + 500 Rubies + 5000 Gold).
The 4th to 8th place will win Big Dwarf Packs (15 Tokens + 300 Rubies).
All other participants will be awarded with a Dwarf Pack (3 Power Tokens + 1500 Gold).