MWO Championship Series 2022

MWO Comp Championship Series 2022

By MWO Comp
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MWO Comp is pleased to reveal the details of the 2022 MWO Comp Championship Series (MWO CS), a worldwide competition that will determine which team is the strongest MWO team in 2022!

The MWO Comp Championship Series is an unofficial MWO Series designed to serve as the true end game for MWO. We invite aspiring teams to take part in the Series.
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In Game -

Cash -

First place - 59.5% of the prize pool.
Second place - 29.5% of the prize pool.
Third place - 9.5% of the prize pool.

1.5% of the prize pool will be broken up to the casters.
Paypal will be used for payouts - Fee for transfers will be taken out of the winning.