SparklingIceTea's Monday Madness

By SparklingIceTea
We have a rules Tab on the discord!

1. Sign up on

2. Join the Discord! (official communication with other competitors and tournament organization will happen on the discord)
2.1. Check in from 18:00 - 18:30 CET in the #check-in channel
2.2. Communicate with your opponent in #opponent-search
2.3. Communicate with admins in #tournament-questions or #tournament-chat

3. I (or a tournament admin) will roll a random deck for you to play on the Discord!
3.1. If you don't have a full collection notify me before the tournament so I am prepared to roll more than once for you.

4. Be on time!
4.1. You have 5 minutes after the official go from an admin to start your match.
4.2. If your opponent does not answer you in the #opponent-search channel within 5 minutes you are awarded a game win.
4.3. Ff your opponent does not answer you in the #opponent-search channel within 10 minutes you are awarded the match win.

5. Report your score!
5.1. Report your score in the #score-report channel.
5.2. Take screenshots of your score in the challenge screen. (this is the only way to prove you won in case of a dispute)

6. Follow basic etiquette!
6.1. don’t be racist, sexist, homophobic
6.2. don’t insult your opponents (emotes do NOT count as insults)

7. Add SparklingIceT #EUW in game so I can spectate you for the Stream.
7.1. You are of course allowed to stream the event yourself.

8. Have fun!
8.1. or I will find you