Real Crown Cup

Real Crown Cup

By Real Team
Welcome to Real Crown Cup.

Death Match 3v3

In support of the #Saved DM campaign

Entry form

Registration deadline may 28th

Atlantic/Azores (UTC+00:00)
Join Discord
Real Team will make a minimum contribution of €300 + accumulated donations.
Prize distribution
1º__ 60 % collected
2º__ 25 %
3º__15 %
Those who want to donate to the tournament prize pool, will be given a #SaveDM role on the Real Team Discord channel as a thank you for their contribution.
3 vs 3 Double elimination
All rounds best of 7 (Bo7)
Hidden Civilizations

Team Size 4-7 Players
Obligation to play a minimum of 4 players, before the round is defined.
Each team will have a captain or representative who will communicate with the other captains.
Teams can be formed by players without level restrictions.

When a complete phase has been solved, the games of the next phase may be played if the teams so wish

Each player of a team must choose 5 civilizations out of the 37 available.
Civilizations cannot be repeated among team members and will be used throughout the tournament. (This is done before the start of the tournament!)

Scheduling Games:
There is 1 round per week. The games for each round can be played on different days so long as they finish by the deadline.

Match Rules:
(For the following... Team 1 is the team who picks the map)
Team 1 will choose the map. Team 2 will create the lobby and all of their players will enter the lobby. Team 1 can choose which players will enter the lobby based on which of the opposing players are in the lobby.

In each 3v3 against the opposing team, the team captain will have 5 minutes to choose and ban 2 civilizations from every opposing player in the lobby
(means 6 bans total for each team)
Bans should happen alternately between the 2 teams ABABABABABAB

Each player must play with one of the 3 civilizations left unbanned out of the 5 he has chosen before the tournament (being able to repeat the civilization in one set)

Map selection order
1. The team with the lowest average Elo (Average elo of top 4 players on
each team (DM 1vs1 Ladder)
2. Losing team of the first game
3. Winning team of the first game
4. Team that is behind after the first 3 games.
5. Opposing team from Game 4.
6. Arabia, lobby opposing team from Game 5
7. Golden Pit, lobby opposing team from Game 6


• Arabia • Ghost Lake • Golden Swamp • Oasis • Valley • Lombardia

Not build any Bombard Towers or Gates

§1 - Game Settings
The game settings must be the following.
Game : Death Match
Map Style : Custom
Location : Determined by stage
hidden civs
Size : 4 player
Difficulty : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Fast
Reveal Map : Explored
Starting Age : Post-Imperial
Victory Condition : Conquest
Team Together : [X] Yes
Team Positions : [X] Yes
All Techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes