Zula Europe Open #83

Zula Europe Open #83

By IDC/Games
Night tournament made for the Zula players that want to play competitive as a team and win in game prizes.

Tournament starts Monday August 3rd at 22:00 CEST and finish Friday August 7th. Check the brackets to see the match date and time.

Contact referees through Zula Europe Discord server in the channel #tournaments if you need help.
Europe/Berlin (UTC+01:00)
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1st -> 40.000 Zula Gold per player
2nd -> 20.000 Zula Gold per player
3rd -> 10.000 Zula Gold per player
4th - > 5.000 Zula Gold per player
5th - 8th -> 10.000 Zula Points per player
9th - 16th -> 5.000 Zula Points per player

Wait 3 working days to receive the prize

Warning: Be careful with changing nickname before the end of the tournament and receiving the prize. This can lead to disqualification and/or not receiving the prize. Complains about not receiving the prize due to change of nickname won't be taken into consideration.