instaFreezeTag 4v4

Quake Live instaFreezeTag 4v4 Double Eliminations

By Prism Gaming League hosted on OverFrag
OverFrag proudly presents - in association with Prism Gaming League:

Quake Live instaFreezeTag 4v4 - Double Eliminations

Min Team Size: 4 / Max Team Size: 5
Match Format: Best of 3 - 90 Minutes, 3x 20 Minutes + Breaks (10 Minutes)
Time / Score Limit: 20 Minutes / 20 Points
Map Pool / Selection Format: Pick, Pick, Drop, Drop
- Campgrounds (dm6)
- Retribution (dm7)
- Lostworld (dm13)
- Hidden Fortress (dm20)
- New Edge (ospdm1)

How To Join:
- Add your team and players by registering to the event on Toornament
- Join OverFrag Discord server. Post "?rank joinift" in #joinift-signups

Signups close April 14th at midnight, event starts April 15th, 2019.

Prism Gaming League is expanding its platform and will offer full support to the following modes in the future (all receiving their own prize pool):
- instaFreezeTag
- instaCaptureTheFlag
- CaptureTheFlag
- ClanArena
- TeamDeathMatch
- Race

Prism Gaming League - New Revolutionary Gaming
We host ESports on your community, play your favorite game to victory!
Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+02:00)
30 x €5 Steam Gift Cards (€150 Prize Pool)
Prize Pool Breakdown: 75-50-25