SafeMode 4| ClashRoyale Cup #1

Von BME Esports
General RULES

Failing to read and follow any of the rules listed below might result in a permanent ban.

All players MUST be in the discord in order to get any help you may need.

Tournament admins have the right to modify, edit or change the rules without getting back to players in order to solve any issues and ensure fair play.

The Tournament's admin decisions are final regarding disputes.

Breaking the rules will lead to disqualification from the tournament and ban from our next tournaments.

All players must register with their API.

Unsportsmanlike and inappropriate behavior towards players or Admins will lead to DQ.

The scores are automated and if there is any issue with the site report it to an admin.

You are PERMITTED to be one of the winners only 2 times (maximum)

Joining any Tournaments with more than one account it's Forbidden and Breaking the rule will lead to disqualification from the tournament and ban from our next SafeMode tournaments.

Prizes will be handed over to the winners after sending the proof of identity to the organizers via WhatsApp. The award will be sent through WEPay

All players MUST Check-In within the 60 minutes checking in period. (Check in starts one hour before the tournament's starting date)

Regarding the Bracket

The bracket is a Single elimination bracket.

When the bracket is seeded all players should check their opponent from the bracket.

All players Must press Ready for every match.

When both players are Ready on the site Press Start in the match link.

The Website bot will send you an invitation within the game to play you match.