European Qualifiers 1

Hello and wcome to the European Championship for brawl stars! We have tried our best with this tournament and really hope you guys enjoy it :-) ❤️
Europe/London (UTC+01:00)
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The prize money will be as followed
Qualifiers :
1st Place: £0
2nd Place:£0
3rd Place:£0
4th Place:£0
Grand Stage
1st Place: £2500
2nd Place:£2000
3rd Place:£1500
4th Place:£1000
1)Must have a brawl stars account
2)Must send their freind link
3)Be kind to staff and players
4)Spinning and pins are allowed
5)Normal angry pin is banned
6)No racism or slurs towards players or staff
7)Must be from the regions: EMEA, EECA
Punishments. +
For breaking rule 1 you will not be able to play in the tournament
For breaking rule 2 your team will lose the respected match they are playing in.
For breaking rule 3 you might be kicked out of the tournament (depends on how bad the situation gets)
For breaking rule 4..... You can break that rule :-)
For breaking rule 5 you will automatically lose the respected game your team is playing.
For being rascist (aka breaking rule 7) the player/s will be suspended from future tournaments of ours.