Squad Charity League Season 4

Squad Charity League Season 4

Von Squad Charity League
1. Tournament information
The following contains the guidelines and rules for Squad Charity League.

Directors may at any point before, during, and after the season adjust these rules.

Directors may at any point before, during and after the season make a ruling that is not defined in the rules in special cases.

1.1 Tournament format
Game version: Latest public vanilla Squad version
Team size: 36 players per team
Gamemode(s): AAS
Duration: 16th of November-15th of December
Location: Online

1.2 Match format
A match is played on a tournament layer with 36 players on each side. Teams take turns on playing both sides and in the event of both teams winning one round each, whichever team won with more tickets left than their opponent wins the match. If a round runs out of time, the team with the most tickets is counted as the winner. Their total ticket count is their remaining tickets minus the remaining tickets of the opponents.

2. Discord

2.1 Discord rules
Political and Religious discussion will not be tolerated. Squad is a huge community spanning multiple continents, not everyone’s views are the same. We are a Squad Charity League not a forum for outside discussion.

3. Match rules

3.1 Ingame settings
Players are allowed to modify any settings exposed in the game settings graphical interface. Players are not allowed to modify any settings in configuration files in the game installation folder or through the console.

Players must use the following settings to connect to an SCL server:

Shadows: Medium or higher
View distance: High or higher
Textures: Medium or higher

If a player is found breaking any of the rules of the in-game setting, the team is immediately disqualified
from an ongoing match and the player(s) suspended from any future tournaments.

3.2 Misuse of in-game bugs, glitches and third-party software
Intentionally using bugs or glitches to an advantage is strictly forbidden and results in a disqualification of the team.

Examples include, but is not limited to:
- Looking through walls / missing bugged textures to be looking or shooting through solid objects.
- Proning so that one's model is below ground.
- Placing FOB Radios inside objects or in another way, so that is not diggable. Covering the radio with barbed wire is allowed.
- Reviving / Healing incapacitated players through walls.
- Glitching squad numbers so that more kits are available in a Squad than normally allowed.

3.3 Third party software or macros
Any use of third party software to enhance or gain advantages in-game gameplay is strictly prohibited and will result in player season ban and possible team disqualification.

3.4 FOBs
FOBs must not be fully covered (i.e. under a hesco or HAB), if the obstruction is not removed after a warning it will result in a ticket penalty.

3.5 Server crash
If the game server crashes, the match restarts unless both team captains and referees agree the match was won by one of the teams.
A Director can override any decision made by the above parties.

3.6 Mercenaries
Teams are allowed to have a maximum of 6 mercenaries from any non-participating community.

3.7 Round timer
Each round will end after 1 hour and 15 minutes. This will be enforced by the referee in-game.

4. Match scheduling
Each team plays one match per week until eliminated from the tournament. Each new round starts on a Monday and concludes on a Sunday.

4.1 Match start time
Teams are encouraged to agree on time themselves, should teams be unable to find a time they are happy with the default match date is the Sunday during the following times:

Europe vs. Europe: 19.00 UTC

Americas vs. Europe: 19.00 UTC

America vs. America: 00.00 UTC

Oceania vs. Europe: 09.00 UTC

America vs. Oceania: 02.00 UTC

Oceania vs. Oceania: 09.00 UTC

4.1.1 Match readiness
Matches begin no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled time unless both teams agree to wait for the remaining players.

4.1.2 Match server location
All games will be played on servers the community has lent us for the tournament.

The default server locations are as follows:

Europe vs. Europe: Europe

North America vs. Europe: Europe and NA

Oceania vs. Europe: NA

North America vs. Oceania: OCE and NA

Oceania vs. Oceania: OCE

5. Casting Rules

5.1 Stream Delay
There will be a 10-minute delay minimum enforced on all streams.